Sentence Completions

Critical Reading: Sentence Completions

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Always remember to cover the answers before you read a Sentence Completion question. Since most of the answers are wrong, it's unlikely that looking at them will help you. After you read the sentence, predict an answer for the blank and compare that to the given answer choices. 

The ------ of trees in East Africa has caused the number of native antelopes to ------ sharply because the can live only where the forest is most dense.

The sentence points out that the antelopes can only live where the forest is most dense. If you cannot think of a prediction for one blank or the other, you can reason that the number of trees is linked to the number of antelopes. If there are more trees, there will be more antelopes; if there are fewer trees, then the antelope population will drop. Check the answer choices to see which preserve this relationship.

A) planting. . . decline

B) destruction. . . grow

C) felling. . . decrease

D) abundance. . . dip

E) protection. . . drop 

If people are planting more trees, the antelope population would not decline. If the trees are facing destruction, then the herd would not grow. If lumberjacks are felling the trees, then the number of antelopes might well decrease. C could be the answer, but check the others. If there were an abundance of trees, the antelopes' numbers would not dip, nor would they drop if the animals had plenty of protection. C is the correct answer.

Words tested in this SC
Planting: placing a seed or plant in soil so it can grow
Decline: downward movement, fall
Destruction: damage beyond use or repair
Grow: to become bigger
Felling: to make something fall, especially to chop down a tree
Decrease: to become smaller in quantity
Abundance: an overflowing fullness or copious supply
Dip: A lower or lesser section
Protection: the state of being safe; the process of keeping something safe
Drop: to fall or lessen

On, 74% of responses to this question were right.

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