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West Side Story is one of the most famous retellings of Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet that has been written. It maintains the original "gang" mentality and love story central to Shakespeare's original, but the costumes, characters, and even languages are changed to match the time and place of the new version of the story. The lasting fame of both versions of the tale prove that true love can transcend all boundaries. 

4/10 Sentence Completions

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

First, cover the answer choices, read the sentence, and make a prediction. After that, match your prediction to the answer choices and select the one that has the closest meaning. For two-blank sentences, select the easier blank first, and remember that the easy blank is not always the first blank.

Understandably, it is the ------ among theater critics who become most incensed when producers insist on ------ classic plays.

The first clue here is the word "incensed." If you didn't know that it means "angry," you could infer from the word "insist" that the producers are doing something with classic plays that these particular critics do not like. Ask yourself what tends to upset theater critics--obviously, they are upset when producers seek to change the original play. Now you have a prediction:

Understandably, it is the ------ among theater critics who become most incensed when producers insist on changing classic plays.

Compare that prediction to the answer choices:

A) strategists . . discussing

B) mediators . . staging

C) conformists . . praising

D) traditionalists . . recognizing

E) purists . . reinterpreting

Eliminate C and D because "praising" and "recognizing" the original version of a play would please, rather than upset, a theater critic. Similarly, "discussing" or "staging" a play is hardly a reason for someone to become incensed. That only leaves E, and it is logical that a "purist," someone who is loyal to the original, "pure" material, would be upset when someone "reinterprets" a play.

Words tested in this SC:
strategist: One who devises a plan of action
discuss: to converse or debate
mediator: negotiator
stage: to produce on a stage; to perform a play
conformist: someone who acts in accordance with others or with the expectations of others
praise: to commend
traditionalist: a person who holds strongly to the more common or older system
recognize: to acknowledge the existence, legality, or prestige of something
purist: an advocate of the traditionally correct way of doing things
reinterpret: to illustrate or portray in a new way

On, 59% of responses were correct.

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