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4/16 Sentence Completions

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Always remember the power of prediction: making an educated guess to fill in the blank before looking at the answer choices will save you time. Even when you cannot come up with a word, just a general idea or the connotation of the word will help you narrow down your answer choices that much more quickly. 

Since the explanations offered are ------ to the exposition, it would be unfair to treat them as ------ parts of the studies under consideration. 

This sentence is a little tricky to predict. Few clues are given, and some of those are confusing. What is "exposition?" How does it relate to considering studies? One work, however, might be all you need: "unfair." Since it would be unfair to treat something as something unlike it, the blanks are probably opposites. Look at the answer choices for two words that have opposite meanings.

A) tangential . . subsidiary

B) irrelevant . . superfluous

C) referable . . correspondent

D) incidental . . essential

E) crucial . . immutable

Something tangential is only partly related to an issue, and something subsidiary is added on. Irrelevant means something is not at all related to the main topic, and superfluous means that it is extra. Eliminate A and B because their meanings are too closely related. Referable means worthy of note or reference, and correspondent means conforming to or communicating with. Eliminate C because its words are unrelated. Something incidental is only loosely associated with the main subject of discussion, and something essential is necessary or of central importance. The two words in Choice D are opposite, so they might be the answer. Finally, choice E contains crucial, which means essential or decisive, and immutable, which means unchanging or unchangeable. Since these are unrelated, eliminate E.

The answer is D.

On, 45% of responses were correct.

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