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7/9 > Sentence Completion

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Always make a prediction before you look at the answers. Most of the words in the answer choices are wrong (so you don't want to waste time or confuse yourself by reading them). Read the sentence carefully and look for clues to help you predict the correct answer. Then choose the answer that matches your prediction.

When he was 5 years old, the boy scribbled on the bedroom wall with a permanent marker, leaving an ___________ mark that would still be there even after he grew up.

Because there are no keywords that change the direction of your prediction (like "but" or "however"), this sentence completion is very straightforward. The definition for the word you are looking for is in the sentence. Since the boy "scribbled on the bedroom wall with a permanent marker . . ." you can predict that the marker probably left a "permanent mark . . .." Now take a look at the answer choices and select the one that matches your prediction.

(A) interchangeable
(B) indelible
(C) ostensible
(D) eradicable
(E) untenable

If you know the words being tested, you shouldn't have any trouble selecting the correct answer. However, if you aren't sure what some of the words mean, you may need to use elimination strategies. Always eliminate the answer choices that you know don't match your prediction. Next, eliminate words that sound wrong to you (even if you aren't sure what they mean). Finally choose from the remaining answer choices. If you can make a guess about the charge of a word, use that to help choose the correct answer choice. 

The correct Answer Choice is B.

Words tested in this SC:
interchangeable: freely substitutable, able to be swapped at will
indelible: having the quality of being difficult to remove, blot out, or efface
ostensible: alleged, having an intention that is possibly but not obviously true
eradicable: able to be destroyed or ended
untenable: not able to be held as a position or opinion

On 58% of the responses were correct.

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