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Today’s question of the day is about Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous American architects who ever lived.  Wright would make an excellent historical example for your SAT essay because he experienced a wide range of historical events and clearly articulated his aims in designing both public buildings and private residences.  To learn more about Wright, read some of his biographical information here and look up images of some of his most famous buildings such as Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum, and Taliesin.

10/16 Sentence Completions

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

Always cover up your answers before you read the sentence.  Read the sentence carefully so that you will be able to predict an answer for the blank.  Then match your prediction to the correct answer choice, eliminating any answers that do not match.  Look at all 5 answer choices even if (A) matches your prediction.

The visually captivating nature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs suggests that the architect is a true ------- , infusing his designs with beauty as well as functionality.

After you have read the sentence, think critically about the information it tells you.  The “visually captivating” work this architect did suggests what about him?  You know that he cares about making visuals pleasing.  The sentence goes onto say that his building designs have “beauty,” they are not just functional.  Make a prediction for the blank based on these context clues.  It does not have to be a specific word.  You could predict “lover of beauty” or “lover of art” if no word comes immediately to mind.  Look down at your answer choices.

(A) instigator
(B) nonconformist
(C) intellectual
(D) minimalist
(E) aesthete

(A) and (B) can be eliminated because they do not match your prediction.  Nothing is said about Wright’s originality in this sentence.  (C) also does not match your prediction.  Nothing is said about Wright’s intelligence.  (D) does not match your prediction.  It is far too specific and does not relate to the sentence.  Minimalism may be considered beautiful, but ornate spaces can also be beautiful.  That leaves you with (E).  Even if you do not know the precise definition of the word “aesthete,” this is your best answer because every other choice has been eliminated.  If you have been studying the Knowsys vocabulary, you should connect this word to the word “aestheticism” and quickly realize its meaning.

The correct answer is (E).

Words used in this SC:
Instigator: Someone who starts something (often trouble)
Nonconformist:  Someone who does not go along with established norms for behavior or beliefs
Intellectual: A highly intelligent person who has acquired knowledge
Minimalist: A person who seeks to reduce distractions into something simple
Aesthete: Someone who cultivates sensitivity to beauty in art or nature

On, 50% of the responses were correct.

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