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The SAT question of the day is an Algebra Question that has already been addressed on this blog: click here to see an explanation.

ACT English Question of the Day

The ACT tests many of the same English grammar questions as the SAT, but grammar questions come from a passage rather than a single sentence.

The newspaperman got in touch
with a flight school in France that was willing to
teach this determined young woman to fly.
    [1] While they're, she had as one of her
instructors Anthony Fokker, the famous aircraft
designer. [2] Bessie Coleman took a quick course in
French, should she settle her affairs, and sailed for

Choose the best alternative for the underlined part of the passage.

The ACT and SAT both love to test the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”  In context, you can see that the “they’re” refers to a place, a flight school in France.  However, “they’re” is actually a contraction meaning “they are.”  Change it to “there,” the correct word to indicate a place.  The rest of the underlined portion is clear; there are no more errors.  Look down at your answer choices.

G. they’re
H. there,
J. there, she had as

The correct answer is (J).  Notice that (H) fixes the incorrect “they’re” but eliminates the rest of the underlined portion, creating a sentence fragment.  Always make sure that you can substitute the answer choice for the entire underlined portion.

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