SAT Reading: Sentence Completions

Sentence Completions

Select the word that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Felicia wants to become a screenwriter because she feels that she can improve upon the unoriginal and ------- films that have been produced lately.

A.   nostalgic

B.   vivid

C.   banal

D.   indigent

E.   lavish


Knowsys Method

Always start by covering up your answer choices so that they do not distract you.  Read the sentence carefully.  Your keyword is the word "unoriginal."  You know that Felicia does not think much of the films that she has seen because she thinks that she can create better films.  The word "unoriginal" is followed by the word "and," so you know that the next word must be similar to the first rather than contrasting.  You are looking for a synonym for "unoriginal," so just use that as your prediction.  Look down at your answer choices.

A.   The word "nostalgic" may be tempting if you know that it has something to do with looking back.  However, this word does not mean "unoriginal."  A movie about the past might be described as nostalgic even if it has a fascinating and original plot.  Eliminate this choice.

B.   "Viv" means "live" in Latin.  If something is lively, then it is probably the opposite of unoriginal.  Eliminate this choice.

C.   If you know French, then the word "banal" is easy for you.  In French, the word means ordinary.  If an idea is ordinary or commonplace, then it is certainly unoriginal.  This choice matches your prediction, so keep it and quickly check the remaining answer choices.

D.   This choice might be confusing if you only know that "indigent" is a negative word, but "indigent" means poor in the sense of lacking money, not poor in the sense of a poor choice or bad idea.  Eliminate this choice.

E.   The word "lavish" is grouped with other excessive words on your Knowsys vocabulary list.  Anything lavish is extravagant.  You might think that many movies are extravagant, but this word does not match your prediction.  Eliminate it.


The correct answer is (A). 

This is a medium level question. 


Words used in this SC:

Nostalgic: homesick or yearning for the past

Vivid: very strong, fresh, or lively

Banal: unoriginal or trite

Indigent: poor

Lavish: extravagant or luxurious


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