SAT Link of the Week: Historical Examples

You should walk into the SAT with fifteen excellent examples already prepared for your essay.  This strategy will save you valuable time and ensure that you have strong, detailed examples to support your argument.  Five of your examples should come from history, five should come from literature, and five should be related to current events.  

For each of your fifteen examples, you need to know the 5 W’s: who, what, when where, and why.  The question is, where can you find all of this information?  This week’s link is, a useful resource for historical research.  You can use the site’s search feature to find articles, videos, and interactive resources related to the event of your choice.  

Other great features of this site include “This Day In History,” which will tell you what important historical events took place on any day of the year,  “Ask History,” which answers questions and debunks common myths, and “History Lists,” which brings together lists of related events or concepts.  If you are having a hard time thinking up unique historical examples for the SAT, try browsing through any of these three pages for ideas.

For every historical example you find, be sure to consider all of the contexts in which the example might be used.  Happy hunting!

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