SAT Link of the Week: Banksy

The whole point of including current event examples in your SAT essay is to make your essay relevant.  In order to show that your opinion is relevant, you need to be able to engage in discussions that are relevant right now.  Let's take a look at how that works.

Creativity is a theme that shows up on the SAT essay quite often.  Take a look at these three prompts: 

1.  Is it always better to be original than to imitate or use the ideas of others? 

2.  Is creativity needed more than ever in the world today? 

3.  Does planning interfere with creativity? 

These three prompts should convince you that at least one of your prepared current events should be linked to creativity.  That takes you to the art world.  Where are the controversies in the art world today?  One that immediately comes to my mind is Banksy.  Banksy is a graffiti artist, but there is some doubt in many peoples' minds as to whether graffiti is an art or a nuisance.   Check out what Banksy has been up to here.  Make sure to flip through some pictures and notice how much money this guy has made.  Is Banksy an original thinker or someone who just learned to market the same stuff that others were already doing?  What role does his art play in the world today?  If he is creative, does he need planning?  If he is not creative, does planning keep him from being creative?

Take a position on each of the points above.  Then write a paragraph for each. using the Banksy controversy to support your opinion with facts.  Even if you do not choose to use this as one of your five current events, this exercise will help you understand how to situate your opinion in an ongoing public dialogue.  When you do this, your opinion gains immediate significance.