Link of the Week: Tiny Houses

The current events you choose for your examples do not have to be "events" at all; they can be societal movements or trends that take place over a period of time. 

One recent trend you could choose is the Tiny House Movement, in which people are choosing to simplify their lives by significantly scaling down their the dimensions of their homes.  Read more about the movement in this article, or check out some amazing pictures and videos of tiny houses here

The Tiny House Movement can be applied to a variety of past SAT prompts.  For instance:

Do material possessions make us truly happy?  People who live in tiny homes voluntarily give up many of their material possessions because they believe a simpler life will make them happier. 

Should modern society be criticized for being materialistic?  According to the aforementioned articles and videos about tiny houses, the average house size in America has doubled since the 1970s.  This could suggest that Americans are more focused on their material possessions now than they were in the past. 

Do people need to "unlearn" or reject many of their assumptions and ideas?  The Tiny House Movement teaches people to reject consumerism and the mantra that "bigger is better." 

Check back next week for a new link.  Thanks for reading!

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