SAT Writing: Improving Sentences

Improving Sentences

Select the choice that results in the best sentence – the sentence that follows the requirements of standard written English and communicates effectively.

The Honeycrisp apple, developed by horticultural scientists at the University of Minnesota, is often described as one of the sweetest apple varieties as well as one of the most crisp of them.

A.  one of the sweetest apple varieties as well as one of the most crisp of them 

B.   not only one of the sweetest apple varieties, but also more crisp than others

C.   one of the sweetest and most crisp apple varieties

D.   at once one of the sweetest and also most crisp apple varieties

E.   one of the sweetest and it is also one of the most crisp apple varieties

The Knowsys Method

Read the entire sentence carefully, listening for errors.  Then focus on the underlined part.  Evaluate it by checking it against the Big 8 Grammar Rules.  If you find an error, use that error to quickly eliminate any answer choices that do not fix the problem you found.

The grammar rule that is tested here is comparisons.  Read the sentence carefully.  It sounds fine until you get to "as well as," and then the rest of the sentence sounds awkward and repetitive.  Note this problem and then look through the answer choices.

A.  This choice matches the original sentence, in which you found an error.  Eliminate it. 

B.  This answer choice changes the meaning of the end of the sentence.  In the original sentence, Honeycrisp apples are one of the most crisp apple varieties, but in this choice, they are only more crisp than others.  Eliminate this choice. 

C.  This answer choice fixes the problem that you found by eliminating the unnecessary wordiness at the end of the sentence. The two parts of the comparison, "sweetest" and "most crisp," are also appropriately parallel.  Keep this choice and check the last two. 

D.  This choice cuts down on the wordiness of the original sentence, but it still includes unnecessary words ("at once," "also").  Eliminate it. 

E.  This answer introduces a new subject and verb that are not necessary.  Eliminate it. 

The correct answer is (C).

This is an easy level question.

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