SAT Link of the Week: Education and Technology

 This week's link is an article that discusses the right (and wrong) ways to use a popular new tool in education: online classrooms. 

At first glance, it might seem like this article has a very narrow application.  You could easily use the facts in this article to discuss how technology is changing our lives or how we must be careful when we put our faith in technology over traditional methods.  However, there are broader and more abstract ways to apply this current event as well.  You could use this article to talk about the differences between doing something for a profit and working for the good of humanity,  or you could cite this article to prove that ideas that are failures at first can become successful with some tweaking.  The possibilities go on and on. 

When you gather your SAT examples, be sure to consider more than just the obvious applications.  Practicing this skill will ensure that you can think of relevant examples no matter what essay topic you encounter on the test.  Hone your ability to apply examples to a variety of prompts by writing body paragraphs for the three the prompts listed below.   Use information from the Link of the Week article to write each paragraph. 

1.  Do changes that make our lives easier not necessarily make them better?  

2.  Is there always another explanation or point of view?  

3.  Should people change their decisions when circumstances change, or is it best for them to stick with their original decisions?

Be sure that you not only give pertinent details from the article but also clearly state the link between the example and the point of view that you have taken on the prompt.  


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