Link of the Week: My College Quickstart

If you took the PSAT/NMSQT® in October of this year, you have most likely received your results (or will very soon).  Once you get your score report, you can use the access code thereupon to log in to My College Quickstart, a service provided for free by the College Board.  This site has a wealth of useful features including:

1.  Explanations of questions you answered incorrectly or omitted on the PSAT
2.  An individualized study plan for the SAT based on your PSAT results
3.  Practice SAT questions and a full-length practice SAT
4.  Express SAT sign up
5.  Additional information about your PSAT score, including your projected SAT score
6.  A personality test that can help you choose a college and/or a major

…and much more!

Happy exploring, and check back for a new link next week!