Link of the Week: TED Talks

Are you having trouble thinking up unique historical topics or current events?  Do you want your essay to truly stand out?  Try watching some TED talks.  

TED, or Technology, Education, Design, is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading innovative ideas through yearly conferences and web videos.  On the TED talks website, you can search for videos by topic (business, science, global issues, etc.), you can see lists of videos tagged with terms like “jaw-dropping,” “courageous” or “funny,” or you can simply view the most recent talks.  While a single TED talk may not give you enough details to constitute a full SAT example, these videos can point you in the direction of topics you might want to research.  

At the very least, you are sure to find videos that will pique your curiosity, inspire you, and inform you.  Happy searching!  Check back here next week for a new link. 

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