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SAT Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is an Algebra Question that has already been addressed on this blog: click here to see an explanation.

ACT Question of the Day

ACT Reading Questions follow a long passage.  On the actual ACT exam, you would read the entire passage focusing on the topic, scope, purpose, topic sentences, and conclusion, if any.  Then you would prioritize the questions and answer them  in order of difficulty (answering all the Easy questions before all the Medium questions before all the Hard questions).  

Look at the actual question (on the ACT QOTD page).  

Today's question is a detail question, which should be classified as Easy.  It has the line number of the quotation in the passage, so you could answer this question quickly even if you were running out of time on the Reading section.  When you are prioritizing when to answer this question, it would come in the first pass.

Now paraphrase the question to yourself: "Why would Mrs. Sennett care if the children are making a lot of noise?"  The line numbers point you to lines 11-12.  Look at those lines on the passage on the ACT site.  If you continue reading the paragraph, you find out in line 17 that Mrs. Sennett is almost entirely deaf.  Clearly the children are not bothering her, so she must be worried about whether they are bothering her visitor.  Look down at the answer choices.

(A)  Is Mrs. Sennett concerned about others?  Yes!  This matches your prediction.

(B)  Even though Mrs. Sennett likes talking, there is no indication that she likes talking about literary topics.  You also don't know what topic the two may have been discussing, so you have no idea if she wants to change the subject.  Eliminate this choice.

(C)  Mrs. Sennett clearly supervises the children well without the narrator in other parts of this passage because the family cannot bear the idea of losing her.  Even within this paragraph you should notice that the narrator focuses on how much Mrs. Sennett is capable of doing, not on how much she cannot do.  Eliminate this choice.

(D)  Mrs. Sennett will not be bothered by the noise level because line 17 tells you that she is deaf.  Eliminate this choice.

The correct answer is (A).

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