ACT Math: Triangles

SAT Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is an Algebra that has already been addressed on this blog: click here to see an explanation.

ACT Question of the Day

This math question involves both triangles and ratios.  You must use the information that you are given to determine the measure of the smallest angle on a triangle.  As soon as you see a triangle that  has all three angles labeled, you know that you are going to need to use the fact that there are 180 degrees in every triangle.  Add up the angles as they are labeled on the triangle so that they equal 180 degrees.  

2x + 3x + 5x = 180     (now combine like terms)

10x = 180          (isolate your variable by dividing)

x = 18

It is important to note that x is not your bottom line!  You are looking for the value of the smallest angle, not the value of x, but the answer choices include 18 for those students who did not read the problem carefully.  The smallest angle is 2x.  You know that 2 times 18 is 36.

The correct answer is (J).

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