SAT Reading and ACT Science

SAT Reading Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is a Sentence Completion Question.  Cover up the answer choices so that you can focus on the sentence.  Read it carefully and make a prediction to fill the blank.  Then compare your prediction to the answer choices, eliminating the choices that do not match your prediction   Look at all of the choices, even if the first answer choice matches exactly.

This particular question is a logic question.  The keyword "although" tells you that the second part of the sentence will contrast the idea that Paul Bowels wrote a lot of music.  You also know that Paul Bowels "received the most acclaim" for his writing, not his music.  Note: "acclaim" and "prolific" are Knowsys SAT vocab words, but you can make a prediction for this sentence even if you haven't finished memorizing your vocabulary list!  How did this man's music career compare to his writing career?  Predict that his work with music was "surpassed by" or "eclipsed by" his writing.  Look down at your answer choices.

(A) The word "demolished" is too strong.  Even if more people notice his writing than his music, the musical pieces by Paul Bowels will not be destroyed.  Eliminate this choice.

(B)  The word "paramount" shares a root with the word "mountain."  Mountains are pretty hard to miss, but if you look back at the original sentence on the SAT site, you will notice that people are overlooking the music to focus on the writing.  Eliminate this choice.

(C) This word matches your prediction because it indicates that the musical pieces are considered less important than the writing.  They are in shade while the writing basks in the light of praise.  Keep this answer.

(D)  You probably know that things that are adjacent are next to each other.  Does it make sense that Paul Bowels would never move his drafts or published work?  Eliminate this choice.

(E)  You know that the Latin prefix "pre-" means "before."  Nothing in this sentence has to do with time.  The remaining portion of the word "clude" means "to close."  The word preclude means to go before and shut someone or something out.  Eliminate this choice.

The correct answer is (C).

Words in this SC:
Prolific: fertile or highly productive
Acclaim: approval or praise
Demolished: destroyed
Paramount: supreme, highest, of greatest importance
Overshadowed: overtaken, eclipsed, made less important
Adjacent: next to
Precluded: prevented, excluded

On, 69% of the responses were correct.

ACT Science Question of the Day

Don't ever worry if a science question looks complicated, uses big words, or combines letters and numbers you don't recognize.  Most science questions are just a hunt for the answer in a lot of extra data.

This question gives you three different conditions to find: 1) low FE2+ 2) high O2 and a neutral pH. At what depth will you find a microorganism that thrives in these three conditions? 

If you look for FE2+ in the table, you will see that the lowest number is at a depth of 0.  If you look for O2, you will notice that the highest number is also at a depth of 0.  So far so good.  Check the pH level in the chart at a depth of 0 and you will see that it is 7.  The line right above the chart tells you that a pH of 7 is neutral.  All three of these conditions have been met at the same depth: 0 cm!

The correct answer is (F).

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