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SAT Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is an Improving Sentences Question that has already been addressed on this blog: click here to see an explanation.

ACT Question of the Day

On the actual ACT exam, you would read the entire passage focusing on the topic, scope, purpose, topic sentences, and conclusion, if any.  Then you would prioritize the questions and answer them  in order of difficulty (answering all the Easy questions before all the Medium questions before all the Hard questions).  

Today's particular question  is an inference question, which should be classified as Hard.  You would answer this question after answering the other questions so that you are already familiar with the passage.

Paraphrase the question, concentrating on the keywords:  Why do the children say "no"?  Stop for a second and think about how you would summarize this passage.  The whole passage is about the fact that Mrs. Sennett does not want to follow the children back to their home and continue watching them.  The word "no" probably has something to do with this conflict because Mrs. Sennett is telling her friend that she will be back just as soon as she drops off the children, as you can see in the lines just before they begin to say "no."  Look down at the answer choices.

(F)  Mrs.  Sennett did call the children "bad," but you know that they are not worried about this particular part of her speech (check out how they cry ostentatiously in line 79).  Instead, the children care that she wants to come back when they are "off my hands."  Notice how the children cling to her skirt and try to be as physically close to her as possible (line 94).  Also, note that making noise has nothing to do with the correct answer and is a misapplication of a concern from the second paragraph.  Eliminate this choice.

(G)  The last third of the passage has been about how the children want Mrs. Sennett to come with them.  Not once do the children suggest staying near Mrs. Sennett's home, nor do they show any concern that the summer is ending.  Eliminate this choice.

(H)  The children are not speaking to the narrator.  They are saying "no" to Mrs. Sennett (line 96, "to her").  Eliminate this choice.

(J)  This answer matches your prediction.  They do not want Mrs. Sennett to go back to her home, they want her to stay with them.

The correct answer is (J).


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