ACT English: Pronouns

SAT Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is a Sentence Completion question that has already been addressed on this blog: click here to see an explanation.

ACT Question of the Day

The ACT question of the day is an English question that tests your knowledge of pronouns.

Start by finding the sentence that contains the underlined part 7.  Read the sentence carefully, but focus on the first part that contains part 7 so that you are not distracted by the underlined part 8.   

The underlined part 7 is quite long, but check that you understand the meaning of the sentence as you read it.  What did Hank Aaron pull down in the first part of the sentence?  He pulled "one" down.  The word "one" functions as a pronoun here; it takes the place of a noun.  Pronouns require antecedents, which usually come before the pronoun, so quickly check the previous sentence to find out what this word refers to.  The previous sentence is about famous players and the battles that they fought.  It doesn't make sense for Hank Aaron to pull either of these down.  You still need to find an antecedent for "one."  Read the part after the word "one."  This portion of the sentence refers to baseball bats.  Hank Aaron would certainly grab one of those.  This sentence creates unnecessary confusion by using a pronoun where a specific noun would help the reader understand the sentence.  Look for an answer choice that introduces the bats before using a pronoun to refer to them. 

(A)  You found a problem with the original sentence.  This choice cannot be correct.

(B)  This answer choice matches your prediction because it changes the order of the pronoun and antecedent.  It also clarifies the order in which Hank Aaron performs certain actions.  Quickly check the other choices. 

(C)  A person does not approach a rack of bats in order to stretch out his hand.  Instead, a person stretches out his hand to grasp a bat.  This choice skews the meaning of the sentence. 

 (D)  This choice does not place the antecedent before the pronoun.  The order of the actions in this choice is also illogical.  

The correct answer is (B). 

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