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June 6, 1944 is known around the world as D-Day, the day that Allied forces invaded France.  If you are a WWII buff, you already know this.  However, if you are a WWII buff, or interested in any particular period in history, be careful as you choose your five historical events to research for your SAT essay.  DO NOT pick WWII as one of your events; this topic is far too broad.  You couldn't explain every aspect of WWII in 25 days, let alone 25 minutes.  DO pick a single event that you think you can write about knowledgeably.  

D-Day would make an excellent example for your SAT essay.  You can learn more about the invasion of France here, here, and here.   If you look at these three sites you will see that there is an abundance of information about this historical event.  Look for themes such as planning, risk, leadership, values, danger, and heroism.  If you are truly familiar with this event, you should be able to answer any SAT question using this day as an example, even the questions that have nothing to do with WWII.

For example, relate D-Day to the following SAT essay question:  Should we pay more attention to people who are older and more experienced than we are?   

You could respond "yes" and write a paragraph explaining that other generations have learned from situations that we could never imagine, detailing the conditions on the beaches and the courage it took to run into enemy fire.  You could also respond "no" and explain that each challenge is a new challenge.  D-day was an operation on a scale rarely attempted before, and mistakes were made.  Maybe success depends on difficult decisions made in the midst of trial when there is no time to wonder what might have worked in WWI.  No matter how you answer, your essay will be stronger if it uses a specific example from history, with plenty of details, to explain your reasoning.

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