SAT Critical Reading: Sentence Completions

SAT Question of the Day

The SAT question of the day is a Sentence Completion question that tests your knowledge of vocabulary.

Start by covering up the answers so that incorrect words do not guide your thoughts as you think about the question.   

Read the entire sentence carefully.  What does it say?  Kelly has a neighbor who broke her old snow blower and now wants to borrow her new snow blower. 

Make a prediction.  What word would you use to describe this neighbor's inquiry or question?  This seems like a very bold request because the neighbor should be ashamed of himself!  He has a lot of nerve.  Predict the word "boldness."

Match your prediction to the correct answer choice. 

(A)  "Foresight" does not seem like a good answer choice because your prediction is not about sight or perception.   Foresight actually means the ability to see an event before it happens, but this neighbor doesn't seem to understand how his past actions affect the present.  Eliminate this answer choice.

 (B)  The word "temperament" is too broad.  Kelly is not stunned by the neighbor's entire temperament, but specifically by his boldness.  Eliminate this answer choice.

(C)  "Conviction" is a difficult word to think about because it has a couple of meanings, but you know that it has to do with guilt.  Criminals who are convicted are guilty.  The neighbor doesn't seem to feel any guilt or shame about breaking Kelly's first snow blower, so you can eliminate this choice. 

(D)  "Audacity" is another tricky word because you might think it has to do with sound; it looks like the word "audible."  The word "audacity" actually comes from the Latin audax, which means bold.  This matches your prediction.  Quickly check the last answer choice. 

(E)  "Integrity" is one of those things traits that you probably associate with great people.  Even if you aren't sure exactly what it means, you can still eliminate this answer choice because the neighbor is definitely not praised for his actions.  

The correct answer is (D). 

On, 58% of the responses were correct. 

Words used in this SC: 

Inquire: ask

Foresight: ability to see or prepare for the future

Temperament: the natural traits of a person (usually mental and emotional)

Conviction: a belief, to feel guilt, or a judgment of guilt

Audacity: insolent boldness or fearlessness

Integrity: moral and ethical uprightness, honesty

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