Link of the Week: Temar Boggs

As you look for current events to use on your SAT essay, it can be easy to focus on the terrible tragedies that happen daily around the world.  It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the constant arguments about controversial issues.  Make sure you find at least one article that shows another side of humanity.  There are people out there who are doing amazing things.

Take a look at this article about two teenage boys who helped to find a young girl who had been abducted. Then take a look at this article about people who wanted to reward these teens for their actions.  Besides being a powerful indication that teens should be aware of current events, this story shows a positive side of humanity. 

If you choose this story as one of your current events, be sure to write down the relevant details that will help you tell this story, and also write down the themes that would make this article easily relate to broad question topics. 


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