Link of the Week: Selfishness

One of the best ways to show creativity in your SAT essay is to point out an important part of the question that other students might overlook.  For example, take a look at this previous SAT question:

Do highly accomplished people achieve more than others mainly because they expect more of themselves? 

Now this question is not about selfishness, so you want to make sure that you do not go off on a tangent.  Still, what if you had just read this article about the role of selfishness in evolution?  Maybe achievement isn't all about what a person expects of himself or herself.  Maybe achievement often requires cooperation and certain expectations of others as well as one's self.  

This link of the week shows how important it is to know current events and be able to quickly connect these events to questions that might not use the same language but involve the same themes.   What other historical, literary, or current events might support the idea that the highest achievements often require cooperation just as much as self-reliance?  Highly original arguments can only be constructed when you have previous information to draw on.  Know your current events well!