SAT Link of the Week: Syria and Chemical Weapons

As you consider different current events to use for your SAT essay, you don’t have to shy away from events that are controversial.  For example, many people have opinions about the recent events in Syria, as well as suggestions about how the world should react.  If you want to use these events in your essay, focus on exactly what has happened and what has resulted from these events, rather than making suggestions about what should be done.  Show that you are informed by sticking to the relevant facts instead of becoming sidetracked and writing an essay all about Syria – your SAT essay should be focused on the question that you are asked.  The facts are sobering, but sometimes when you want to be taken seriously, it helps to talk about serious issues.  Take a look at this article, and then think about the following essay prompts and how you could use Syria as a supporting example when taking a position on any of them.

1.        Is conscience a more powerful motivator than money, fame, or power?

2.       Is the world changing for the better?

3.       Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority?

4.       Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

5.       Should people let their feelings guide them when they make important decisions?