SAT Reading: Sentence Completions

Sentence Completions

Select the word that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

The meeting did not have an ------- beginning; the president was late and half of those assembled left before she arrived.

A.  auspicious

B.  altruistic

C.  onerous

D.  opulent

E.  impudent


Knowsys Method

Always start by covering up your answer choices so that they do not distract you.  Read the sentence carefully.  Use logic to predict a word to fill the blank.  You know that the president was late and that many people left.  Both of those are bad things.  You need to predict that the meeting did not have a "good" or "promising" or "favorable" beginning.  Predict the word "good" and look down at your answer choices.

A.  The word "auspicious"  has to do with omens.  It comes from a Latin word that refers to a time when people would try to discover whether the future would be good or bad by watching the flight patterns of birds.  If you are not sure whether this word matches your prediction, keep it.

B.  The word "altruism" is the opposite of "egoism."  It comes from an Old French word meaning "to others."  Though giving to others is good, the sentence has nothing to do with gifts.  Eliminate this choice.

C.  The root "oner" means "burden" in Latin.  "Burdensome" does not match your prediction because it is negative.  Eliminate this choice.

D.  You may have heard a celebrity's home described as "opulent" or heard a royal wedding described as "opulent."  If you connect this word with the words "rich" and "fancy," you will see that it does not match your prediction.  Eliminate this choice.

E.  Have you ever heard someone called an "imp"?  An imp is often impudent, which tells you that this word is negative and does not match your prediction.  Eliminate this choice.


The correct answer is (A).

This is a medium level question.


Words used in this SC: 

Auspicious: favorable or promising success

Altruistic: showing unselfish concern for others

Onerous: burdensome or troublesome 

Opulent: luxurious or wealthy

Impudent: overtly bold or disrespectful


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