Link of the Week: Frogs

Why should you select five current events to use as examples for your SAT essay?  The answer is simple.  Let's say that you get a question about the role of technology in society.  Every other student in the room might write about cell phones and laptops.  There are only twenty-five minutes to write this essay, so students are going to use the first example that comes to mind.  However, the people grading the essays want to see original thoughts.  If you had just read this article, you could write about frogs.  Maybe your essay argues that technology reveals the secrets of the world around us instead of distracting us from the world.  Maybe your essay argues that technology has applications that are impossible to conceive in the first rush of enthusiasm for each new advancement.  It doesn't matter what you argue.  You wrote about frogs when everyone else wrote about cell phones.  You get credit for using an interesting example, and it looks like you put more thought into choosing your example, even though you didn't have to waste a second wondering what to write about.  Choose five current events.  One of them will relate to your prompt.