SAT Link of the Week: The Power of the Internet

This week's link is a testament the power of crowdsourcing on the Internet.  Nearly twenty years ago, an elderly woman who had been rendered non-communicative by a fast-moving cancer scribbled out patterns of letters onto dozens of note cards.  Her granddaughters believed that their grandmother had left them a code, and though they attempted to decode the seemingly random patterns of letters for months, the girls were unable to find a solution.  One of these granddaughters recently posted images of the cards on the website Ask Metafilter, and within a few minutes, site users had partially cracked the code.  Read more here.


Consider the application of this fascinating story to past SAT prompts such as:

  •  Has today's abundance of information only made it more difficult to understand the world around us?
  •  Is the most important purpose of technology different from what it was in the past?
  •  Have modern advancements truly improved the quality of people's lives?


Good luck to those of you taking the SAT today!  Check back here next week for a new link.