SAT Math: Algebra

If 7 less than 4 times a number is 2 more than 3 times that number, what is the number?

Knowsys Method

Read the problem carefully.  This is a grid in question.  Instead of bubbling in a letter, you will bubble in your answer.  You should always guess on grid in questions because, unlike multiple choice questions, grid in questions do not have a wrong answer penalty.

Identify the bottom line.   the value of the number = ? 

Assess your options.  You could start guessing and trying, but the more effective method will be to use a method.  In this type of problem, it is most straightforward to translate the statement from English to math and then solve. 

Attack the problem.  

The statement translates to:  4x – 7 = 3x + 2

The bottom line is:  what is x?

When we solve for x we get x = 9. 

Loop back.  Verify that you solved for the bottom line.

The correct answer is 9.  Grid it in.

Level = Medium  

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