ACT Math: Algebra

What is the slope-intercept form of 3x - y - 6 = 0? 

A.  y = -3x - 6

B.  y = -3x + 6

C.  y = 3x - 6

D.  y = 3x + 6

E.  y = 6x - 3 


Knowsys Method

Read the problem carefully.  

Identify the bottom line.   What is the slope-intercept form (the y = form)?

Assess your options.  If you momentarily forgot what the “slope-intercept” form is, glance at the answer choices.  You’ll see that all of them start with y =.  So, we need to rearrange the question into y = format.  The trick will be to not mess up the signs since the y is negative in the original. 

Attack the problem.  

3x – y = 6

3x – 6 = y

So:  y = 3x – 6

Loop back.  Verify that you solved for the bottom line.

The correct answer is C.

Level = Easy  

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