The Knowsys Big 8 Grammar Rules

When working through the grammar questions in the Knowsys blog, you'll see lots of references to "The Knowsys Big 8 Grammar Rules."  Here's the list.  We recommend you memorize the list and the questions and then use them to analyze the grammatical elements tested.

The Knowsys Big 8 Grammar Rules


1.     Idioms   
Is the expression or word choice correct?

2.     Sentence Structure 

Is it a complete sentence (good)?
Is it a run-on (bad)
Is there a comma splice (bad)?

3.     Subject-Verb Agreement 
Where’s the subject?  Where’s the verb?  Do they agree?

4.     Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement 
Is there one and only one clear antecedent? 
Does the pronoun match the antecedent in gender and number?  

5.     Modifiers
Is the modifier clear and effective? 
Is the modifier close to what it modifies?

6.     Parallelism 
Are the items in a series in parallel format?

7.     Comparison 
What is being compared grammatically? 
Is the comparison clear and logical? 

8.     Style 
Is the sentence clear and concise? 
Is the voice active? 
Is there no redundancy?