ACT English: Sentence Structure

Choose the alternative you consider best.  

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          A.  NO CHANGE
          B.  students, he or she is invited to
          C.  students who
          D.  students they 

Knowsys Method

Check the underlined portion against the Big 8 Grammar Rules. 

In this case, you have a comma.  You should ask yourself one key question:

What does the comma do here?  Right now, it incorrectly separates 2 independent clauses.  It could be fixed by replacing it with a semicolon or with a comma plus a conjunction or by rewriting the sentence.  None of these options are present in the answer choices, so let's evaluate each one. 

A.  Same as the original.  Eliminate it.

B.  This choice has the same issue as the original ( a comma splice), just with different words.  Eliminate it.

C.  This fixes the problem by making "who . . . honor" a dependent clause.

D.  This replaces a comma splice with a run-on sentence.  Both are errors. 


The correct answer is C.

Level = Easy

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