Link of the Week: Big Future

Looking for a great source for information about universities all over the U.S.?  Want something reliable and accurate with everything well-organized and easy to find?  How about something free?

Knowsys recommends the Big Future website created by the College Board, the makers of the SAT and the PSAT.  You can access the website at (or even just 

On the main Big Future page, there is a section for "Make a plan" that allows you to create a step-by-step college plan that's appropriate for your grade.  That's a great place to get started!


Link of the Week: U.S. News Best Colleges

Will you be beefing up your college search over your holiday break?  Check out college rankings and reviews from U.S. News.  On this site you can find colleges by best overall ranking, by best value, by discipline, and much more.  The site also offers advice on financial aid, test preparation, and the college application process.  

Good luck with your search!  Check back here next week for a new link.