SAT Math: Data Analysis


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Knowsys Method

Read the question carefully.  Take notice of important information.  You need to determine the probability of rolling two numbers that add up to 8.

Identify the bottom line.  probability that sum will be 8 = ?

Assess your options.  You need an organized way to keep track of all the possible rolls that could add up to 8.  A simple method is to create a table.  

Attack the problem.  Imagine that one of these dice is blue and one is red.  Set up a table with two columns, one for the blue die, and one for the red die. These dice have values 1-6 on their faces, so what sets of numbers between 1 and 6 add up to 8?  There’s 2 and 6, 3 and 5, and 4 and 4.  

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But you cannot stop there.  You could also have a blue 6 and a red 2 or a blue 5 and a red 3.  Fill in those values now.  

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To find the probability of rolling one of these combinations, you have to understand probability. 

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You need to find the probability for each of the combinations you have listed on your chart.  You are trying to figure out the probability of rolling two numbers at the same time, so you need to use probability rule 1.  

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Now, you need to figure out the probability of rolling any of these 5 combinations, so use probability rule 2 and add the probabilities together.

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Loop back.  Verify that you solved for the bottom line and select the correct letter.

The correct answer is B.

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