Vocabulary Curriculum

7-10 minute daily vocabulary activities to build a college-ready vocabulary


The Knowsys Vocabulary Builder Program is a multi-year curriculum designed to provide a systematic, vertically-aligned program to build student mastery of academic vocabulary.


Teacher Curriculum: complete online resources that can either be printed or projected, depending on the needs of the class

Flashcards: Flashcards offer an effective tool for students to get familiar with the basics of the vocabulary. Knowsys offers:

Mastery by Association

  • Each year students learn 300 grade level words, which are divided into 30 thematic groups to facilitate mastery.

  • Students work through 1 group per week, building to mastery.

  • Definitional and contextual activities provide sustained meaningful interaction with the words.

  • Activities build vocabulary by association/disassociation and by teaching students to apply words to real-life contexts in a variety of activities.

  • Based on the vocabulary acquisition research of Robert Marzano.

Meaningful Interaction

  • Multiple exposures engage students in discussions about the vocabulary words.

  • Activities are cumulative so students continually work with words from prior groups.

  • Activities use words in all their various forms to enhance depth of understanding and mastery.

  • Each group has a range of definitional and contextual activities:

  • Matching

  • Crossword Puzzles

  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • True/False

  • Media Mentions

  • Short Answers

  • Narratives

  • Writing Prompts (30 minutes)

  • Weekly Sentence Completion Quizzes

  • Six-Weeks Sentence Completion Exams

  • Diagnostic tests (pre-test and post-test)

Teacher Materials

A Teacher Set of materials consists of:

  • 1-year license for the complete set of Knowsys activities for a grade level

    • All the activities

    • The pre-test

    • The post-test

    • The weekly quizzes

    • The six-weeks exams

  • 1 box of flashcards

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Vocab Builder Overview

Vocab Builder Overview