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Want to help students write and communicate better? 

Want to maximize Writing test scores? 

Looking for a solid Grammar textbook?  

Look no further.  

Knowsys Navigating Grammar has what you need!

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The Building Blocks of English

Navigating Grammar contains a systematic grammar starting with nouns, pronouns, and verbs.  It builds in complexity to compound and complex sentences (and their punctuation).  

  • Comprehensive instruction, example, and exercises

  • Covers the Texas grammar TEKS

  • 474 pages (approximately 155 pages per level)

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Multi-Level/Multi-Year Design

  • Designed for multi-year use (3 levels in 1 book)

  • Contains 3 levels that spiral through the same concepts with new examples and increasing complexity

  • Increases complexity progressively through each level

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SAT-Style and ACT-Style Passages and Questions

  • Includes 36 SAT-style and ACT-style grammar passages and questions

  • Explores passages drawn from a range of topics and formats

  • Integrates application of concepts taught

  • Provides ongoing spiraling and review of earlier concepts

Sample pages from Level 1 of Navigating Grammar:



Navigating Grammar  Overview

Navigating Grammar Overview

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