The Knowsys ACT curriculum


The Knowsys ACT curriculum is completely up-to-date and pairs with the 2019-2020 ACT Official Prep Guide. You're going to love it.  

Focus of the ACT Course:

The Knowsys ACT Prep Program emphasizes strategies, methods, content review, and the application of content and skills. Students learn strategies and methods for timed test-taking as well as for Math, Reading, Grammar, Science, and the ACT Essay.

Knowsys ACT Prep Pedagogy, Strategies, and Methods:

The Knowsys ACT Prep Program is designed to enable students to maximize their gains on the ACT by teaching vital test-taking strategies and time management skills plus providing efficient and effective methods for each type of problem tested. For each content area of the ACT (Math, Science, Grammar, English, and Writing), the Knowsys curriculum provides methods, content review, and practice problems.

The Full ACT Course:

The most complete ACT Prep option, the ACT Course is 40+ hours long and integrates the use of the Knowsys ACT Workbook and The ACT Real Prep Guide. Students take 2 diagnostic exams, one at the beginning and one toward the end, to gauge progress. Students receive Personalized Score Reports detailing their strengths and areas of opportunity. All areas of the exam are covered thoroughly.

The ACT Workshops:

The ACT Workshops offer more limited preparation and can be general (the ACT Overview Workshop) or targeted by test section. Each workshop is designed for up to 6 hours and is independent of the other Workshops. The following 6-hour Workshops are available for the ACT:

  • ACT Overview: touches on all sections of the exam briefly

  • ACT Verbal: focuses on the ACT Reading, English, and Essay sections

  • ACT Math: focuses on the ACT Math section

  • ACT Writing: focuses on the ACT Grammar and Essay

  • ACT Science: reviews the ACT Science section and interpreting complex graphs

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