​Overview and description of the Knowsys Basic Genius Math Success program for high school and middle school math students who need either math acceleration, math remediation, math tutoring, math tutorials, or math RTI.  Discusses math remediation and acceleration workbooks, math program, and math classroom management system to motivate underperforming and underachieving at-risk math students.

Knowsys that’s Genius! Math


A Research-Based Math Builder Program

Aligned with TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

This Works!

The classroom management system really worked. Having students work in pairs was the best! The That’s Genius! classroom management system made the questions manageable. The students got more individual attention because I had more time to visit each group.
— Marianne Varner, Martin High School (Arlington ISD, Texas)

The That’s Genius! Math Success Program: Curriculum for the Classroom

Systematic Pedagogy

Systematically builds students' Math Toolkit of essential skills and knowledge

  • Builds a solid foundation

  • Moves from fundamental skills to more advanced concepts

  • Focuses on one concept at a time

  • Emphasizes thinking and calculator skills


Integrative Approach

Integrates organization, scaffolding, and spiraling

  • Lessons are divided into Introduction, Examples, and exercises

  • Daily warmups are cumulative to foster retention

  • Vital concepts are reinforced and extended

User-Friendly Design

Realistic approach

  • No homework

  • Students write in their workbooks

  • Workbooks stay in the classroom

Well-designed workbooks

  • Perfect-bound workbooks

  • Perforated pages

  • Plenty of white space

  • No distractions

For the math teacher . . . 

Professional Development

  • Specialized training in teaching at-risk students

  • Thorough review of Knowsys teaching philosophy

  • Focus on effective classroom management

  • Ongoing support from Knowsys

  • Useful tips and suggestion for managing expectations and helping students succeed

Teacher Resources

  • Day-by-day syllabus

  • Exams and quizzes, ready to print

  • Daily cumulative warmups, ready to print

  • Slide desks to correspond with all introductions and examples

  • Grading rubric

  • Classroom Evaluator's Guide

  • Substitute Teacher Instructions


This course eliminated so much paperwork and time I spent outside of instruction. It allowed me to focus on my students and their needs instead of constantly worrying about prepping for my next class or lesson.
— James Van Hook, Memorial High School (Spring Branch ISD, Texas)

For Remediation


Ask at-risk math students how they feel about math…and get ready to hear their frustration and stress.

The Knowsys That’s Genius! programs help these students jump the math hurdle.

Firmly equipped with a new core skill set, students in the Knowsys program acquire the confidence they need to tackle math with a new vigor and a well-earned sense of self-respect.

For Acceleration


Knowsys That’s Genius! is also great for accelerating students in math.  

The Knowsys That’s Genius! program provides students with the vocabulary, concepts, examples, and practice they need to confidently accelerate in math without skipping the essentials. 

Use Knowsys That’s Genius! Pre-Algebra and Algebra I before your students accelerate into pre-AP Algebra.  

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