Pre-Algebra materials for both School Districts and Private Individuals.  Materials are created to teach and reinforce Pre-Algebra concepts.  Continuous spiraling keeps students fresh on the content.  Contact Knowsys at for more information.

Knowsys That’s Genius! Algebra

Progression of Lessons

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  • Mental Math

  • Fractions

  • Single-variable Equations

  • Linear Equations

  • Factoring

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Exponents

  • Functions

  • Graphs

  • Rate of Change

  • Variation

  • Inequalities

Perfect for At-Risk Students

The Knowsys That’s Genius! Algebra I EOC Course is written specifically to address the unique learning needs of at-risk students.

Our approach is two-pronged:  first we provide a strategic review of key concepts and calculator skills and then we introduce test review.


Systematic And Organized

  • Progresses from basic concepts to multi-step, complex word problems

  • Systematically builds math vocabulary

  • Provides step-by-step methods

  • Emphasizes thinking and understanding, making approximations, and reading carefully

That’s Genius! Algebra Helps students Master the essentials of Algebra

The Knowsys System:

At-risk students are often the toughest to work with because of the “I can’t/I won’t” attitude that is a natural by-product of repeated failure.  

The Knowsys System is built on 5 elements:

  1. The Culture of Success

  2. The Skills Stage

  3. The Drills Stage

  4. Student Resources

  5. Teacher Resources.

Together, these elements empower teachers to transform “I can’t!” and “I won’t!” into “I’ll try” and “I DID IT!”

The Culture of Success:

The Knowsys classroom is designed to re-engage students with math by revolutionizing the math classroom:
environment, expectations, grading, and resources.

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The Skills Stage:

Here we focus on the necessary foundational concepts that students need to master before they can successfully
handle multi-step word problems that require the sequential application of the foundational skills.

The Drills Stage:

In this stage, we focus on applying the mastered concepts to the multi-step exam problems. Students will
work through problems systematically, reviewing as they go to ensure they develop the problem-solving skills
necessary to succeed.

Student Resources:

Algebra I EOC Sample Warmup_Page_1.jpg
  • Consumable Student Workbooks

  • Plenty of space to work out problems

  • Simple, clean design to keep students focused

Teacher Resources:

  • Day-by-day syllabus

  • Cumulative exams, ready to print

  • Daily cumulative warm-ups, ready to print

  • Downloadable slide show presentations for all introductions and examples

  • Online support and discussion forum



Flashcards For Hands-On Learning

  • Coordinate with the workbook (Algebra and Pre-Algebra)

  • Cover essential math vocabulary

  • Provide definitions and examples

Pre-Algebra Flashcards

Pre-Algebra Flashcards

Algebra I Flashcards

Algebra I Flashcards


Don't have the time or money budgeted for a full course?  Get the Advanced Math Flip Book and the Algebra Flashcards!


For School District Orders, use the    Order Form

For School District Orders, use the Order Form

Classroom Warm-Up Books available via the    Order Form   . For the retail version,    click here

Classroom Warm-Up Books available via the Order Form. For the retail version, click here

For School District Orders, use the    Order Form

For School District Orders, use the Order Form


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