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Looking for an easy way to build your vocabulary fast?

The Knowsys Vocabulary Flashcards App is just what you need!

  • Acquire a college-ready vocabulary

  • Get a head start on preparing for the SAT, the PSAT, and the ACT

The Knowsys Apps are part of the Apple Education Store.  

Volume education pricing is only $2.50 per app!

Individual purchases are just $4.99 per app.  

Just the vital vocabulary words!

Our list has been pared down to the top 300 words per grade level. There’s no padding with “fluff” words because we won’t waste your valuable study time and energy.

Targeted, Efficient Vocab Lists

Knowsys Vocab Flashcards will help you learn your vocabulary quickly and effectively—in only a few minutes a day!

To help you maximize your vocabulary, you need to know the words that show up most often AND you need a way to master those words as quickly and easily as possible.

Fortunately for you, Knowsys has exactly what you need!


Who needs 1000+ words?  

Some vocabulary flashcards lists are just plain crazy with 1000, 2000, or even 5000 words! Get real! Even if you looked at every single SAT, PSAT, and ACT exam from the last 10 years, you won’t find that many tested words altogether.

So, why bother trying to learn all those extra words? What you really need are the IMPORTANT words – the words that will show up again and again and will have a positive impact on your ability to read, understand, write, and communicate.

The Flashcards:  All the essential elements

Built-in Progress Tracking:  An efficient way to study!

Swipe up if you know the word . . . swipe down if you don't . . .

Then, the Knowsys app does the rest!  

It tracks your swipes and tags the words as Learned and Unlearned based on your level of confidence. Progress Tracking lets you see how you’re doing on the word, the group, and the entire set!

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