Vocabulary Flashcards

Knowsys Flashcards

  • Sorted by card level

  • Contain 300 words per grade

  • Are grouped thematically


Flashcards build mastery by:

  • Providing a hands-on activity

  • Aiding tracking

  • Collecting vital word information in one convenient location

Instructions for the Vocabulary Flashcards

Gather 3 boxes and label one Short-Term Memory, one Long-Term Memory, and one DONE!

The Memory Box System

  • Tracks student's progress as vocabulary words move from short-term to long-term memory

  • Emphasizes the importance of retention and mastery of words, not just cramming for a weekly quiz

The Short-Term Memory Box

After you have “memorized” a group, drop the cards into your Short-Term Memory Box.

  1. Test yourself on those words every other day.

  2. Use the “Memory Box” on the front of the cards to keep a tally (in pencil) of the number of times you get a particular word correct.

  3. Once you have 5 checks in the card’s Memory Box, move the card to your Long-Term Memory box.

The Long-Term Memory Box

Every 3 to 4 weeks, review the cards in your Long-Term Memory Box.

  1. Got it? Move it to the DONE! box.

  2. Missed it? Erase all 5 check marks and return the card to the Short-Term Memory box. Repeat as necessary.

Click here for a demonstration of the memory box system.

Click to go to Amazon.com to purchase flashcards.

Click to go to Amazon.com to purchase flashcards.

Flashcards Box Sets

  • Box Sets

  • 300 flashcards each

  • Available in the Knowsys Store

  • Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, PSAT, SAT, 12, GRE

  • Homophones and Other Frequently-Confused Words

Click to go to iTunes.

Click to go to iTunes.


Flashcards Apps



Click to go to iTunes.

Click to go to iTunes.

eBook Activities App

  • Interactive activities

  • Levels 6, 7, 8, and Smart

  • Audio files

  • For iPad and Mac

  • Available from iTunes

Click here to see an overview of the vocabulary eBook.


  • Introduces 10 words per week

  • Categorizes terms in thematic groups like nature, money, and energy to facilitate memorization

  • Flashcards include:

    • The phonetic pronunciation

    • The category

    • A student-friendly definition

    • A context sentence

    • Related terms

  • Flashcards apps and Quizlet Premium Flashcards include audio pronunciations

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