The Knowsys Vocabulary Builder Program

Learn vocabulary in a way that leads to long-term mastery!

  • Based on leading research on vocabulary and learning

  • Teaches vital Academic Vocabulary required to perform well on tests, in college, and in the workplace

This program works!

Knowsys provides us with a consistent vocab program throughout English classes from middle school through high school: standard, easy-to-remember definitions, a wealth and variety of activities, & research-based teaching strategies that deliver outstanding results.
— Sheila Carrell, English Chair, Silsbee High School (Silsbee ISD, Texas)

A Research-Based Academic Vocabulary Builder Program

Aligned with TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Aligned with
Common Core ELA Standards 

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Research-Based System

  • Vertically-aligned from Level 6 - Level 12

  • A complete system of cards and activities to foster mastery

  • The Knowsys System introduces 10 words per week

  • Knowsys organizes the words thematically to facilitate memorization

  • Activities are timed to teach efficiency and timed test-taking skills


The Vocabulary Builder System:  Curriculum for The Classroom

Short daily activities
(5 to 10 minutes a day)

  • Matching

  • Crossword Puzzles

  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • Oddball Identification

  • Analogies

  • True or False

  • Fill in the Blanks

  • Short Answer

  • Short Passages

  • Narratives

  • Writing Prompts

  • SAT-Style Sentence Completion quizzes

Diagnostic Testing

  • Pre-Test and Post-Test

  • Six Weeks Exams

  • Diagnostic Analysis


Teacher Resources

  • All activities are available online to print or project

  • Tiered for differentiation


Teacher Training

  • Professional development with a Knowsys expert

  • Best practices for incorporating direct vocab instruction

  • Hands-on modeling

Meaningful Interaction

  • Multiple exposures engage students in discussions about the vocabulary words

  • Activities are cumulative so students continually work with words from prior groups

  • Activities use words in all their various forms to enhance depth of understanding and mastery of use

The students love it!

I just wanted to let you know how much the kids love the Knowsys vocabulary cards and lessons. The activities are wonderful and take them through the different levels of thinking and learning!
— Laurie Wagner, Rogers Middle School (Pearland ISD, Texas)

Vocabulary Builder Program Elements

Teacher Resources

Box Sets of Flashcards

iTunes and Android Flashcards

eBook for
iPad & Mac

Vocabulary Builder Teacher Resources

Vocabulary Builder Teacher Resources

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