Knowsys SAT and PSAT Materials are here!

The PSAT changed in October 2015, and the SAT changed March 5th, 2016.  Knowsys can help you get ready to!

We have completely revised our curriculum for the new exam, and you're going to love it.  Here are the elements we've updated for the new exam:  

  • The Knowsys SAT Course Workbook

  • The Knowsys 7th Grade SAT Course Workbook (for the different Talent Identification Programs)

  • The Knowsys SAT Workshop Books

  • The Knowsys SAT Practice Exams

  • The Knowsys PSAT Practice Exams

  • The Knowsys Score Report for Practice Exams

  • The Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards

  • The Knowsys Homophones Flashcards - a completely new set of Homophones & Other Frequently Confused Words created just for the new SAT and PSAT

Interested in learning more?  Want to see a sample?  Contact us now.

Looking to prepare for the SAT or the PSAT?  The Knowsys Navigating the SAT or PSAT Bundle is exactly what you need. Books are also available in a Kindle Edition. Visit the Knowsys Store to get yours today!

Available in a retail version for the first time!  Written for self-study, the Navigating the SAT book is written by the authors of the high-quality Knowsys materials used by thousands of students in school districts across the State of Texas.  If you’re ready to sharpen your skills on all of the content tested on the SAT or the PSAT, this book is what you need!

Whether you’re preparing to take the SAT or the PSAT, Navigating the SAT will help you review every tested concept.  We’ll provide clear, easy-to-understand explanations and examples as well as lots of realistic practice problems.  Plus, we’ve included 3 full-length practice exams for you to test your skills and give you a realistic practice test experience. 

Are you a 7th grader preparing to take the SAT as part of one of the nationwide Talent Search Programs?  Navigating the SAT will help you maximize your score on the SAT so you can succeed in the Talent, whether it be the Duke University Talent Identification Program, the Northwestern University Center for Talent Development, The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, or the Western Academic Talent Search.  


Here's a comparison chart for the New SAT and the ACT.  Please contact Knowsys at if you have any questions.

Why is the PSAT so Important?  Isn't it just a practice SAT?  

Good questions!  Check out the presentation below for answers. 

Find out about the PSAT exam and why it is so important for top high school Juniors to do well.