Link of the Week: Successful People

Over the years, numerous SAT prompts have focused on the path to success.  Here are a few examples:

1.  Does being ethical make it hard to be successful?
2.  Is persistence more important than ability in determining a person's success?
3.  Do success and happiness depend on the choices people make rather than on factors beyond their control?
4.  Do highly accomplished people achieve more than others mainly because they expect more of themselves?
5.  Can people achieve success only if they aim to be perfect?

Because success comes up so frequently in SAT prompts, it is a good idea to find an example that addresses the topic.  This list from the Huffington Post is a great place to start: it includes the stories of fifteen individuals who overcame obstacles and tragedies to become highly successful.  

Check back next week for a new link, and thanks for reading!