Link of the Week: Released SAT Essay Prompts

Ever wonder how we know about so many past SAT prompts?  You, too can see past SAT prompts if you check out this page on College Board's educators site.  College Board releases essay prompts after each SAT, so you can check back after the January 25th test for the prompts used in that administration. 

For practice, you could write an entire essay on one of the prompts, or you could identify one historical, one literary, and one current event example that could be useful for each prompt.  If you have taken a Knowsys course, you will remember that you should research and memorize 5 literary, 5 historical, and 5 current event examples on a variety of topics before you walk into the test.  This strategy saves you valuable time and ensures your examples are detailed, accurate, and original. 

ACT does not release its most recent essay prompts, but its site does contain a page explaining the ACT essay and how it is scored.  Check that out here.

Thanks for reading!  Check back here next week for a new link.