Link of the Week: Technological Progress

Why do we talk about technology so often in our links of the week?  Because technology is such a popular topic for SAT prompts. 

Consider these prompts that have appeared within the past few years:   

     Does a strong commitment to technological progress cause a society to neglect other    
     values, such as education and the protection of the environment?
     Are there benefits to be gained from avoiding the use of modern technology, even when
     using it would make life easier?
     Is the most important purpose of technology today different from what it was in the
     Have modern advancements truly improved the quality of people's lives?

Because technology is integrated into most aspects of our lives, you probably have ample personal experience to draw upon in discussing the role of technology in society.  But then again, so does pretty much every other student, and if you merely write about tablets, smartphones, apps, etc., your essay probably will not stand out from the crowd.  What will make your essay shine is if you find ways to apply scholarly examples to the issue of modern technology.  

Isaac Asimov, one of the best known science fiction writers of all time, considered both the promise and the potential dangers of technological advancement in his works.  This week, his article “Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014,” published in The New York Times in 1964, has appeared in the news as journalists consider whether his predictions from 50 years ago ring true today.  Check out this article, which links to Asimov’s original work and discusses some of the eerily accurate forecasts he makes therein.  Judge for yourself whether life in 2014 comparable to Asimov’s vision, and consider adding this article to your current event examples.  

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